Monday, 13 February 2012

Power MOSFET Drivers Circuit

Power MOSFET Drivers Circuit

1.5A Dual High-Speed Power MOSFET Drivers

The TC4426A/TC4427A/TC4428A are improved
versions of the earlier TC4426/TC4427/TC4428 family
of MOSFET drivers. In addition to matched rise and fall
times, the TC4426A/TC4427A/TC4428A devices have
matched leading and falling edge propagation delay

Features:- High Peak Output Current – 1.5A
- Wide Input Supply Voltage Operating Range: 4.5V to 18V
- High Capacitive Load Drive Capability – 1000 p in 25 ns (typ.)
- Short Delay Times – 30 ns (typ.)
- Matched Rise, Fall and Delay Times
- Low Supply Current:
- With Logic ‘1’ Input – 1 mA (typ.)
- With Logic ‘0’ Input – 100 μA (typ.)
- Low Output Impedance – 7Ω (typ.)
- Latch-Up Protected: Will Withstand 0.5A Reverse Current
- Input Will Withstand Negative Inputs Up to 5V
- ESD Protected – 4 kV
- Pin-compatible with TC426/TC427/TC428 and
- Space-saving 8-Pin MSOP and 8-Pin 6x5 DFN Packages

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