Saturday, 14 January 2012


LM10 Operational Amplifier and Voltage Reference
General Description

The LM10 series are monolithic linear ICs consisting of a precision reference, an adjustable reference buffer and an independent, high quality op amp. The unit can operate from a total supply voltage as low as 1.1V or as high as 40V, drawing only 270mA. A complementary
output stage swings within 15 mV of the supply terminals or will deliver g20 mA output current with g0.4V saturation. Reference output can be as low as 200 mV. Some other characteristics of the LM10 are Y input offset voltage 2.0 mV (max) Y input offset current 0.7 nA (max) Y input bias current 20 nA (max) Y reference regulation 0.1% (max) Y offset voltage drift 2mV/§C Y reference drift 0.002%/§C

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