Sunday, 15 January 2012

Transistor pin configruation and packages

BC107 BC108 BC109 BFX84 BFY50  2N706 2N2369  BC286  BF180  BF181  BF182  BF183  BF200 BF115 BF167 BF173  BF185 BF185 2N3055 BDY20 BD121 BD123 AD161 BD135 BD131 D437 BUP41 AC176 AC187 BC182 BC183 BC184 2N3707 2N3710 BF194 BF195 BF196
BF197 BC157 BC158 BC159 BCX35 BD539 BD743 TIP29C BU407 BUP30 2N6099 BD243C D44C10 BD241C

BD540 BD744 TIP30C BD244C BD240C BD242C BFR14 BFR49 BC846B BC847B BC848B BC849B  BC856B BC857B BC858B BC859B BC147 BC148 BC149 BCX31 BD136  BD132
BD438 PNP3055  BDX18 OC26 AD149 AD162 AF124 AF125 AF126 AF127 AF139 AF178
AF179 AF180 AF181 BC177 BC178 BC186 BC187 BFX88 BCY71 BC287  2N2904  BC212
BC213  BC214 2N3702 2N3703 AC128 AC188

2N2646  2N2647 2N4870

3N140 3N141 40673 BF256 2N3819 BF960 BF961 BF981 3SK81 2N4871


  1. I think BC147 is NPN and BC157 is PNP. Your PIN diagram has them the other way around.

  2. Your pinout for the BC18*L / 21*L is incorrect. The L suffix indicates centre-collector (BCE).