Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Battery Powered Burglar Alarm Circuit

Battery Powered Burglar Alarm Circuit

Here’s a design circuit for single zone alarm - with independently adjustable Exit, Entry and Siren Cut-Off timers. It will accommodate the usual types of normally-closed input devices - such as magnetic-reed contacts, foil tape and PIRs. This is the figure of the circuit;

The alarm is easy to operate. Sw1 can be any type of two-way switch. If the Buzzer sounds when you switch the alarm on - the normally-closed loop is open. Switch off again - and check the building for open doors or windows. If the Buzzer does not sound - the loop is intact. Depending on the setting of R3 - you have up to about a minute to leave the building. As you do so - the Buzzer will sound. When you close the door behind you - it should stop sounding. This confirms that the loop has been restored within the time allowed. When you return and open the door - the Buzzer will sound. Depending on the setting of R4 - you have up to about a minute to switch the alarm off. If you fail to do so - the Siren will sound. Depending on the setting of R5 - the Siren will sound for up to about 20-minutes. Then it will switch off - and remain off. Of course - you can stop the noise at any time by moving Sw1 to the "off" position.

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