Wednesday, 8 February 2012

DC to AC Inverter Using 555 IC

DC to AC Inverter Using 555 IC

This is a design for AC inverter circuit. This circuit is produces an AC output at line frequency and voltage. The circuit is using 555 IC as main control. This IC is configured a low frequency oscillator, tunable over the frequency range of 50 – 60 Hz by potentiometer R4. This is the figure of the circuit.

The principle work of the circuit is the IC feeds its output that amplified by Q1 and Q2 to input of the transformer T1. A reverse is connected filament transformer with necessary step-up turns ratio. A capacitor C4 and coil L1 filter the input to T1, assuring that it is effectively a sine wave. Adjust the value of T1 to your voltage. Replacement types for Q1 are: TIP41B, TIP41C, NTE196, ECG196, etc. Replacement types for Q2 are: TIP42B, TIP42C, NTE197, ECG197, etc. The input voltage of the circuit is anywhere from +5V to +15Volt DC.

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  1. Could this be adjusted to output high-frequency AC (on the order of 100-200kHz)? I'd like to generate power for an inductive power coupling so I would actually omit T1 -- well it'd be my inductive coil, but they'd be 1:1.