Monday, 13 February 2012

Opamp PWM Generator Circuit

Opamp PWM Generator Circuit

This uses the LM324, a 14-pin DIL IC containing four individual
op-amps and running off a single-rail power supply.
The sawtooth is generated with two of them (U1A and U1B),
configured as a Schmitt Trigger and Miller Integrator, and
a third (U1C) is used as a comparator to compare the sawtooth
with the reference voltage and switch the power transistor.


  1. It is not clear. one can't know the components value.Try to repost it.

  2. It's perfectly clear, it's a *gif image. The background colour is making difficult to read.

    Save it to your computer and open with a problem such as XnView or Irfanview.

    Even your OS's stock image viewer should do.

    Try this:

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