Monday, 13 February 2012

Overcurrent Protection Circuit

Overcurrent Protection Circuit

Overcurrent Protection Circuit for High Side Relay Diver

The LTC1154 single high side gate driver allows using low
cost N-channel FETs for high side switching applications. An
internal charge pump boosts the gate drive voltage above
the positive rail, fully enhancing an N-channel MOS switch
with no external components. Micropower operation, with
8μA standby current and 85μA operating current, allows
use in virtually all systems with maximum effi ciency.
Included on chip is programmable overcurrent sensing.

A time delay can be added to prevent false triggering on
high inrush current loads.

- Fully Enhances N-Channel Power MOSFETs
- 8μA IQ Standby Current
- 85μA IQ ON Current
- No External Charge Pump Capacitors
- 4.5V to 18V Supply Range
- Short-Circuit Protection
- Thermal Shutdown via PTC Thermistor
- Status Output Indicates Shutdown
- Available in 8-Pin SOIC and PDIP Packages

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