Monday, 13 February 2012

Protected 2A Switch circuit

Protected 2A Switch circuit

Protected 2A Switch with Isolated Inputs , Fault Output circuit

The LT1161 is a quad high-side gate driver allowing the
use of low cost N-channel power MOSFETs for high-side
switching applications. It has four independent switch
channels, each containing a completely self-contained
charge pump to fully enhance an N-channel MOSFET
switch with no external components.


- Fully Enhances N-Channel MOSFET Switches
- 8V to 48V Power Supply Range
- Protected from –15V to 60V Supply Transients
- Individual Short-Circuit Protection
- Individual Automatic Restart Timers
- Programmable Current Limit, Delay Time, and
Auto-Restart Period
- Voltage-Limited Gate Drive
- Defaults to OFF State with Open Input
- Flowthrough Input to Output Pinout
- Available in 20-Lead DIP or SOL Package

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