Tuesday, 7 February 2012

555/556 Bistable (flip-flop) circuit

555/556 Bistable (flip-flop) - a memory circuit

555 bistable circuit
555 bistable circuit
The circuit is called a bistable because it is stable in two states: output high and output low. It is also known as a 'flip-flop'. It has two inputs:
  • Trigger (555 pin 2) makes the output high.
    Trigger is 'active low', it functions when < 1/3 Vs.
  • Reset (555 pin 4) makes the output low.
    Reset is 'active low', it resets when < 0.7V.
The power-on reset, power-on trigger and edge-triggering circuits can all be used as described above for the monostable.

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